Discover the range of workshops, discussions, interviews and seminars at Array Festival 2020

Insight Talk: Creating Digital Ambassadors, A Guide to Employee Advocacy

Sarah Goodall is the Founder of Tribal Impact, specialising in helping B2B organisations achieve revenue growth through an integrated approach to Employee Advocacy, Social Selling, Content Marketing and Social Media. Sarah’s 20+ year career in marketing includes time spent with IBM, Hitachi and most recently SAP where she spent over 6 years as Head of Social Business in EMEA.

During this talk Sarah will share insights on how to amplify your brands message by enabling digital ambassadors in your staff team.

Tues, 19th May, 10:30am – book now

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Precious Plastic Lancaster Workshop Tour with Martin Paley

Join Martin Paley of Precious Plastic Lancaster on a virtual tour of the workshop where they turn plastic ‘waste’ into valuable products. You’ll get to see the recycling process under one roof, some of the properties and characteristics of plastic that make it fantastic and an insight into the global picture.

More information about Precious Plastic can be found at

Tues, 19th May, 3pm – book now

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Entrepreneur Story: Craig Smith, MD of Mazuma Mobile

From starting out with Orange Mobile, Craig Smith identified an opportunity early on in mobile phone recycling and built SHP Limited from the ground up. Following it’s rebrand to ICT Reverse the company was brought by global mobile recycling giant Eco-Renew Group with Craig appointed UK Managing Director, in the group which includes consumer brand Mazuma Mobile. Join us to hear about Craig’s story from starting out to being part of a Global business.

Tues, 19th May, 8pm – book now

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Insight: SEO in 2020

Ethan Giles, Operations Director of Novi Digital is conducting a review of what businesses’ SEO strategy should look like in 2020. He’ll be answering questions such as:

  • What changes in search behaviour can we see?
  • What is the impact of voice search?
  • How important are links?
  • What content should you be writing?
  • How do you use data to make SEO drive sales?

Weds 20th May, 10am – book now

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Entrepreneur Story: James Walkerdine, COO of Relative Insight

Having moved to Lancaster University in the mid 90s to study Computer Science, James Walkerdine’s successful academic achievements prepared him for an exciting career, building and developing one of the darling companies of the Northern England digital scene, Relative Insight. Relative Insight’s software and consultancy provides language insights for some of the world’s biggest brands, but when the company first started, as a University spin out, the positioning was completely different. Tune in to listen to this unique story.

Weds 20th May, 1pm – book now

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PyData Lancaster MeetUp

Since the beginning of April, the NHS have been publishing Excel spreadsheets showing recorded hospital deaths from COVID-19. It might take several days before we know the real figures for a particular day. This data is interesting because it highlights the time it often takes for a death to be officially recorded. While it’s useful data, the format isn’t easy for data analysts and software developers to work with. A local group of coders created an API which allows you to query the actual Covid-19 death totals rather than the reported ones.  Members of the team will be explaining how they approached the problem and the solution they came up with by using their skills.
PyData Lancaster is the local chapter of an international community. It provides a forum for the users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other. PyData approach data science using many languages, including (but not limited to) Python Matlab, and R.
Weds 20th May, 7pm – book now
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Roundtable Discussion: The Financial Landscape Post COVID-19

This roundtable event will offer a platform for open discussion about the financial landscape as the country and the economy begins to tentatively take its first steps out of the current lock down restrictions. We will be seeking ways of finding clarity from the seismic impact on businesses’ finances and discussing not only what has happened but what was promised , what has been delivered and how to better improve our resilience as we emerge from lock-down.

We will therefore be taking a look at topics including:

  • Rhetoric versus reality
  • How have steps taken by central Government helped companies cope during these unprecedented times?
  • What lessons have been learnt?
  • How are people going to recover and what they will be doing to strengthen and restart their businesses?
  • How will COVID-19 change our sector?
  • Will our working practices change and will this be for better or worse?
Thurs 21st May, 2pm – book now
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Roundtable Discussion: Digital Marketing Industry Roundtables - Education

Join who are hosting a series of Marketing Roundtables focusing on specific industries. This is an opportunity to network with like-minded businesses, share problems, solutions and discuss how your industry is or could take advantage of digital channels. Receive free digital marketing advice from a leading agency and learn more about how you can be opening up new revenue streams today.

Please email for sign up details.

Think Like an Influencer in your Marketing with Rory Southworth

After pivoting during lockdown from being an outdoor enthusiast to the UK’s “leading” Home Athlete. Rory Southworth, who has over 12k followers on Instagram has gone on to lead a groups to climb Everest in their own homes and goes for the weekly wild swim in his bin, landing himself on the international news for his antics. Normally found after work running up mountains and swimming in tarns as an ambassador for Salomon, Polar, We Are Sungod, Oshea Surf and Ordnance Survey.

In his day job as a Business Development Officer within Lancashire Forum Creative at UCLan, he helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow through sharing experiences, new processes, and development methodologies. He will bring his experiences and mindset as an influencer and how to apply it to marketing your business.

Thurs 21st May 3pm – book now
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Entrepreneur Story: Rich Dyer, Co-Founder of Skiddle and Highest Point Festival

Back in 2001 Rich Dyer and co-founder Ben Sebborn started an online what’s-on guide born out of the frustration of not being able to find great gigs and events. Fast forward almost 20 years and Skiddle has now become one of the most trusted ticketing platforms in the UK. During that time, they have also had found time to start A-Wing events and the much loved Highest Point Festival. We’ll be chatting with Rich to find out more about running such a high profile business and what’s next for Highest Point.

Thurs 21st May 8pm – book now
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Insight Talk: How to Define Your Brand: A Beginners Guide with Matt Brown

What does it mean to have a brand? What does your brand represent? How do you know if your brand is working for you? Matt Brown, founder of The Design Attic has been working with a wide range of organisations for more than a decade helping them to understand exactly what their brands represent. Matt is an expert graphic designer who has helped numerous businesses to create iconic visual representations of their brand including Eric Wright Group, Lancaster University, The Morecambe Hotel and Lancaster on Ice.

Fri 22nd May, 10:30am – book now
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Insight Talk: Nature Works - Embracing the balance between nature and tech

This is an interactive insight call where we’ll explore the positive benefits of weaving nature into your work life and the benefits this brings into the workplace, from getting the creative juices flowing, improving concentration, decreasing stress levels and powering you up to get shit done.

If you work in an office you’ll spend on average 40+ hours at your screen each week. It’s not surprising but what’s going on in your surroundings has a big knock on effect to your wellbeing, state of mind, performance and how you’re showing up each day. Science tells us that having contact with nature during our work day makes us happier and more productive.
Together we’ll explore the importance and awareness of this and how you can bring in balance and nature into your day to day.

Tues 26th May, 10am – book now
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Roundtable: Connecting Kids - Promoting Digital Skills for the City region

Lancaster’s digital story has a long and proud history but against the backdrop of a strong private sector the question continues to be asked, do we have a local supply of skills to take our businesses forward?

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted that a large number of families in our district do not have access to the connectivity and equipment they need to access internet technologies. How do we manage these community issues so the whole city benefits. Joe Bourne from Lancaster University hosts a round table discussion to challenge these issues.

Weds 27th May, 3pm – Book now

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Community Collaboration: Garden Mapping Project

The Fruity Corners garden in Scotch Quarry Park was designed to create an area of edible fruit trees and bushes, herbs and salad leaves, using raised beds. The garden is accessible to anyone going through the park and the food is free to take, but many people do not take advantage of the bounty within it because they aren’t sure what many of the plants are and how to use them. The garden volunteers, a local coding collective, and a designer are teaming up to create a Digital Mapping System so anyone going through the park can access the information on a smartphone.
To make the Garden Mapping Project useful to the people who will use it most, they are inviting members of the community to take a virtual tour and feedback ideas to the team of coders. All welcome, but especially seeking advice from those who spend time around and in Scotch Quarry Park!

Weds 27th May, 8pm – Book now

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Roundtable Discussion: Life after Lockdown with Jane Binnion

Does the thought of the end of lock-down fill you with excitement, anxiety or something else?

What has lock-down shown us about how life really works? And how can exploring this help us as we prepare for the end of lock-down, so that we don’t just return to the same old, same old?

What if it turns out that our happiness, or unhappiness, moment by moment does not depend on outside circumstances? What if it never has, and never will?

This is a chance to explore together what we thought we knew about our world, against our current experiences, enabling us to make some decisions about whether or not we are just going to jump straight back on that run-away train.

Thurs 28th May, 10am – 12pm – Book Now

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Roundtable Discussion: Digital Marketing Industry Roundtables – Manufacturing

Join who are hosting a series of Marketing Roundtables focusing on specific industries. This is an opportunity to network with like-minded businesses, share problems, solutions and discuss how your industry is or could take advantage of digital channels. Receive free digital marketing advice from a leading agency and learn more about how you can be opening up new revenue streams today.

Please email for sign up details.

Social: The Digital Lancashire Social

Come and join us at this informal social catch up – usually hosted in one of the many marvellous venues located across Lancashire but for now as lock-down continues…. in your own homes on Zoom!

It’s an opportunity to share successes (and any stresses), and simply offers a platform for like-minded people from across Lancashire’s digital and tech community to meet up, have a chat and chill out (with a drink of your choice!) Sorry you’ll have to bring your own refreshments though!

We will be discussing topics such as how things are going? How you are finding lock-down and how you envisage life after the restrictions begin to lift?

Thurs 28th May, 6:30pm – 7:30pm – Book Now

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Insight Talks: Getting the best out of remote teams with Paul Aisthorpe

If the Coronavirus has any long lasting impacts, no doubt the biggest will be remote working. 

Whilst we all adjust to working remotely how will this affect teams that have gone from being in the same room to working via technology. We’ve discovered that technology was never the barrier for remote working, moreover human behaviour. In a working environment driven by technology how can we ensure people still feel part of a team and work towards shared goals. Experienced business coach, and former Commercial Director of one of the North’s fastest growing food suppliers, Paul Aisthorpe, discusses his successes in overseeing remote teams.

Fri 29th May, 10am – 12pm – Book Now

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Closing Showcase: Covid Captures with Nick Dagger Photography

 The latest project from Lancaster based Nick Dagger Photography goes behind the scenes of our new ways of working during lockdown.

‘Covid Captures’ is a collection of images and stories that encapsulates the people and environments they find themselves in during the strange and unique times of lockdown, highlighting how business is adapting and changing during the crisis.

Nick reveals the details of the project, giving an insight into the wonderful interactions he has had, the technical challenges faced and emphasisng the importance of the creative industry still producing art during social distancing. The talk will conclude with the premiere of the exhibition, airing for the first time to celebrate the finale of Array Festival.

Fri, 20th May, 7pm

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Previous Workshops

Fraser House and Beyond: The Lancaster Digital Community with Dan Knowles

Dan Knowles has been working as part of the Lancaster digital and business community for the last 15 years. Currently responsible for opening the new Digital and Tech Hub at Fraser House on White Cross, Dan will be sharing his vision for the building, a Lancaster Digital and Tech community and how Lancaster will continue to grow.

Tues, 5th May, 10am 

Entrepreneur Story: Mark Hallam, Director of Cloud Commerce Group

From mail order movie subscriptions, Business Serve in the mid 90s through to 7 figures corporate sales to BT and more, Mark Hallam is a true Digital and Media entrepreneur. These days his expertise lies in eCommerce through his Cloud Commerce Pro Group. Discover what lays behind Marks success in this 1:1 interview chat.

Thurs, 7th May, 8pm

Entrepreneur Story: Ruth Wilkinson from The Consult Centre

When it comes to turning an idea into a business Ruth Wilkinson knows more than most. Her Morecambe based business The Consult Centre offers Digital PR and marketing services, as well as managing the physical Consult Centre hot-desk and coworking space. Following on from a thriving career with the Daisy Group, Ruth is passionate about inspiring start-ups in and around the Bay area.

Weds 6th May, 1pm

Entrepreneur Story: Lorna Stellakis, MD of Q2Q

How do you drive success in a technical world when you’re a non-technical leader? Lorna Stellakis made the move into IT infrastructure from a logistics operations background within the fashion sector. Whilst technical knowledge may not have been on her side those key leadership and people management skills in an operations capacity have been the vital in her success. Find out more in this video interview.

Tues, 12th May, 8pm 

Insight Talk: COVID-19: Funding Focus for Digital & Tech SMEs

Join Judith Dugdale, (Corporate Services Director, Head of Digital Solutions) from MHA Moore and Smalley to discuss the key issues currently facing small digital and tech businesses in these challenging and unprecedented times. We’ll be exploring what funding is currently available, how to access it and the next steps to take to ensure your business is ready for life after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Weds 13th, 3pm

Insight Talk: The Future of Market Research being Built in the North West

How do companies ensure that they make decisions based on quality information that is quickly available to them? A insights driven platform from Lancaster enables organisations to do just that. FlexMR based just North of Lancaster is doing just that, changing market research for some of the world’s biggest organisations. Chief Marketing Officer Chris Martin joins us to discuss the future of market research as well as showcasing how savvy organisations are innovating using more effective research techniques.

Thurs 14th May, 10am

Insight Talk: How to Maximise the Value of your Agency, with Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson is undoubtedly at the forefront of the Digital industry in Lancashire. Following a successful career in advertising, Michael is perhaps best known locally for his role as Managing Director and owner of Fat Media and is currently the Managing Director of Miralis Data. Michael advises on a number of commercial and charitable boards, and plays a key role in advising and promoting the regions digital agenda, particularly in the Lancaster region. Join Michael as he discusses how to grow your digital and creative agency, the key measures for success and how the big agencies do it.

Thurs, 14th May, 1pm

Insight: Is now a good time to go self employed? Starting a business post Covid-19 with Jane Binnion

Jane Binnion started her career in self employment almost a decade ago with Jane’s Social Media, training organisations across the north on how to integrate Social Media as part of their outreach. Over the last few years Jane has inspired many more women to start their own business through The Growing Club CIC. Join Jane as she discusses the fundamentals of starting a business and being ‘digital’ in a post Covid-19 world.

Fri, 15th May, 10:30am