We caught up with Lancaster City Council to talk about the Array Festival and how when we all work together as a district, we are stronger.  


Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today about Array Festival as a main sponsor and the city council; what does Array mean to you? 


We are so proud to be sponsoring the Array Festival this year and fully supporting the digital agenda of local businesses.  The array festival was set up to celebrate all things digital. As a council, we have declared a climate change emergency and feel that the digital agenda is a great way to peruse a net-zero approach. 


Our main goal is to showcase all the fantastic things that we do as a district and stress that these amazing events can happen outside of Manchester and London. The district has two incredible Universities, many super talented entrepreneurs, amazing’s digital SME’s. Array festival is such a great way to display the talent that we have in the City. 


What are the best things about being a business in Lancaster?  


That’s a tough one because there are so many, but having the benefits of being in a city, without actually being in a city is probably the best one for us. When you set up your business in Lancaster, you will be connected with all of the cities, as well as living in a beautiful environment. There’s also this fantastic communal spirit across business and residence.


What do you want to take away from you time at Array Festival? 


As a business in the City, we want to improve our environmental credentials and benefit from the combined skills and knowledge shared during the Array festival.


There is so much up for grabs at Array Festival; as a main sponsor, great brand association and involvement are great opportunities. Erika Lewis from Lancaster City Council will be leading the closing speech and working closely with the organisers.  

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