Positive Achievements During a Pandemic

Like Technologies is honoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Lancaster businesses determined to let nothing get in their way in 2020-21. By providing vital support to operators of industrial control systems, we have helped to keep the country’s lights turned on and the wheels of industry turning throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Classified as key workers, we have remained open and operational, striving to maintain a balance between the safety of our team members and our commitment to customers.

We specialise in industrial electronic engineering and computer-based systems. Our skilled engineers, innovative designs and unique solutions meet strict regulations, minimising risk in safety-critical environments. The whole Like Technologies team is immensely proud of our achievements over the last 12 months, which have included:

Enabling provision of the country’s energy supply

Our main focus during the first lockdown was providing support to EDF Energy, at Heysham 2 power station, during their 2 month statutory outage. The availability of the R8 unit was crucial for the long term security of the country’s power supply. Our work involved the central control desk and system and included new software updates, hardware refurbishment and general routine maintenance.

Work was carried out at carefully scheduled times to ensure the safety and security of our team and EDF staff but we still achieved the feat of maintaining output despite logistical challenges.

Tackling the skills gap and encouraging diversity and inclusivity in electronics

Facing the challenge of a local electronics skills gap when recruiting staff, we formed a consortium with five other local companies to secure funding from the UK Government’s Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund, to provide technical top-up training. 

The Tech Lancaster Electronic Skills Programme is the only industry-led course in the UK pilot for the national roll out of ‘skills boot-camps’, putting electronic skills firmly on the national agenda and increasing accessibility to skilled careers for underemployed groups in Lancashire. Through Tech Lancaster, we are promoting equality, championing inclusivity and actively working to diversify the electronics talent pipeline.

Embracing new methods of working with flexibility

With inspiring and resilient leadership, Like Technologies is skilfully navigating a path through the lockdowns, restrictions and challenges of the Covid-19 crisis. We were determined from the start that no employee would be furloughed and encouraged our team to pull together and support each other, identifying opportunities to evolve and adapt our existing business model. So, with several employees with partners working in the NHS and many having young children to home-school, how did we do it?

Our number one priority was to ensure the wellbeing of our team members and customers and minimise any disruption caused. All staff were given training and our offices equipped to adhere to Public Health England Guidelines. Where possible, our team members who could work from home were set up remotely to work via our accredited secure network.

Adaptive communication was everything as restrictions fluctuated throughout the year and video conferencing really came into its own. We introduced an online, company-wide meeting to provide a forum for everyone to come together to celebrate success, learn more about each other’s job roles and discuss any issues. We even managed to hold a virtual Christmas party with games and a quiz! 

Morale remains high and our team continues to be determined to support the delivery of the electricity that the country needs.

Watching our staff progress

It has been a privilege to watch our staff progress over the last year, as we have continued with focused and individualised training programmes. Two of our employees have begun training with Tech Lancaster and we were delighted to see one member of the team take the final step in his journey from placement student to electrical and electronic engineer, graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with a first-class Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electronic Engineering degree in June 2020. 

Our marketing team has also completed training with Leading Lancashire and Lancaster and Morecambe College, which will greatly assist in the creation of our new marketing and content strategy.

Committing to help our community

Like Technologies works collaboratively with other Lancaster electronics companies, as well as Lancaster University, Lancaster and Morecambe College, Lancaster City Council and the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP). We are building the area’s reputation as a centre of excellence for electronics design and manufacture, drawing on its proud industrial heritage. However, our commitment to our local area and its people doesn’t just end with our key role in the business community.

We have also committed our support to charity and environmental initiatives, engaging every single employee to champion our causes. Examples of this include: voting to elect Bay Search and Rescue as our chosen charity for 2021 with multiple fundraising initiatives underway, donations to Morecambe Bay Foodbank, various re-cycling initiatives and most recently, a green spaces ‘Wellbeing Walks’ photography initiative which has been a real morale booster for everyone.

Celebrating success

In the last 12 months we have enjoyed commercial success, meeting all financial targets while continuing to deliver outstanding outcomes in unprecedented circumstances. We are currently recruiting to expand our team of control systems engineers.

However, we don’t just measure success financially and are delighted that our empowering and adaptive approach has enabled our team and their families to not just carry on through the pandemic, but to thrive.

Looking forwards

Like Technologies is proud to be part of the UK’s innovative and enabling Electech sector, which is crucial to our economy and the Government’s industrial strategy. We are working to ensure this world-leading sector excels in the Morecambe Bay area, with big ambitions to partner with other local companies, improving economic output, attracting investment and creating high value jobs.

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