We caught up with Ben Hanley, Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Agency,  Lockstep media to talk about their success over the last year, their work within the community and Array Festival. 

Thank you for your time this morning Ben, we are so excited for you to be involved in this year’s Array Festival! Can you start by telling us about your business and how the last year has been?

We are so proud to be sponsoring and getting involved this year, so Lockstep was Founded in 2020 by myself Ben, and Alex and Tris! We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Fraser House. Our main aim is to bring brands to life online with their digital marketing services and technologies, web design and web development. Through SEO, web development, paid search, social media marketing, and content marketing.

And how about the last 12 months? How have they been?

Over the last 12 months, we have been busy hiring staff globally! We have also been onboarding new and exciting clients that are also based all over the globe. It’s been great settling into our new home at Fraser House and we are even on track to double our turnover by 220%! So yeah, we’ve been busy!

Wow, that’s incredible! So you’ve spoken about your clients being based all over the world, but I know you also work with some local business, who are they?

Yes, we work with many local businesses such as; Hest Bank Dental, Lune Living, Gym Gear and Fitness Warehouse and Cannabrew, assisting them with all things digital marketing.

Quite the selection then, what are some of your favourite things about running a business in Lancaster?

It has to be being surrounded by the exceptional business’ that are based here! The community is unmatchable. We have already built some strong relationships in our new office space and we are looking forward to meeting even more during Array Festival. The city’s atmosphere is one of its best features. The vibrant, buzzing city will never go unbeaten.

We have already done some work within the community sponsoring Local Non-league football club Lancaster City FC, and we are open to building even more relationships within the local community. We are looking so forward to Array Festival and believe that it will give Lancaster some needed concentration on digital their talent. Lancaster is a force in the north not to be dismissed, and Array is on track to put Lancaster on the map and help us stress that Lancaster is the place to be!

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